What’s a mood board? #inspo #moodboard

Whether you are re-decorating your home, creating a workspace or looking for branding inspiration for your business, a mood board is an ideal tool to collate your ideas & create the ‘feel’ of an idea or process. Mood boards can be as simple or a intricate as you like and you can work with which ever medium you feel most comfortable. A mood board could also serve as a visual motivational tool where you could pin motivational quotes, art or graphics you love, photographs, pieces of fabric, leaves or flowers….let your imagination guide you.


For me, as a graphic designer, I prefer to create a digital mood board for my projects and have some templates saved on my computer for easy access and quick turnarounds. Its a helpful process for me to gather inspiration for my design work and also a great way to explain my process and ideas to my clients.


Tomorrowland Project

An idea for a simple mood board could be a collection of clipped magazine images, photographs and paint swatches pinned onto a cork board or attached to a blank wall with blu-tac, making the process inexpensive and easy.


Image from Kmart


You can pick up tons on inexpensive supplies for your mood board at places like #Kmart.


The thing I love most about mood boards is the way they make me feel. I’m not sure about the psychology behind it, but there is no denying that there is a link between seeing something we like and how that makes us feel. A mood board can evoke emotional responses, inspire us and boost our mood. Plus, your mood board is exactly what YOU make it, therefore making it a reflection of your aspirations and desires….your #innerself.

We are often told that to help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves, be they personal or business related, we need to visualise them. Many (or most) business coaches and mentors will tell you to write down your #goals and look at them everyday. My creative brain thinks this is boring, and often I forget to take good advice. But with a mood board, where I can let my creativity go wild, I can set myself up for success! I can look at something that my inner artist responds to and delights in. #inspiration


Photo by Studio 7042 from Pexels



Jun 12, 2018

I love the idea of putting your goals into a creative visual reminder rather than writing them down. I agree, just writing them down does have the same emotional trigger. Using colours that mean something to you is also a good way to anchor in that feeling so you can create something in flow with who you truly are. We are all unique. Thanks for the #inspo