So you have a great business idea and you are all set to start your small business journey…but you need a great logo, something that represents you. You need effective branding and here are a few tips and reasons why…

Brand cohesiveness and contemporary design can put you a step ahead of your competitors and it doesn’t have to be difficult! Keep it simple… Try not to get swept up in all the tiny details.


Wow them with font!

I can’t stress enough how crucial a solid branding/logo package is in creating a professional business brand , get on that first!

Its never “just a logo”, if your logo game is ‘on point’ from the get go, it will help to position your brand to stand out amongst your competitors, effectively address your target audience & be an inspiring and unique graphic representation of you & your business ethos!

So…This is the part you DO leave to the experts, and it need not be over the top, there are plenty of awesome designers out there that will fit the bill and your budget alike PLUS they have trained for this stuff, most likely, extensively, so try to see the value they will bring to your business. Shop around and feel out the best fit for you. You will find that the right designer will grasp your concept and ideas really effectively, therefore saving you in the long run.


Your business start up budget should include (as a matter of priority) a decent portion for your brand/logo creation.

Engage the services of a professional to custom create something uniquely & professionally yours and you will start your business off on the right foot!

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