Do You Have the Right Media Files for Your Branding?

by | Sep 7, 2019

When you first embark on your business journey, there are many things to consider. Branding done right from the get-go can make your business stand out from the crowd but also when done correctly and professionally, your designer will know all of the correct files needed to apply to any media or application such as website, business cards, marketing materials or even your vehicle branding. 

Sometimes when budget is a consideration, you may go ahead and create a logo on-line but will this work for you in every application? 

Everything comes back to how you are viewed by your customers and clients. That’s why you have the professional edge when your branding is designed for its different uses.

When we create a bespoke logo or branding package for you we consider all of the applications and will provide a ‘set’ or ‘palette’ of logo and branding assets for you. 

Primary Logo – Your main logo and brand identity – This logo is usually best used in print media to create brand awareness and could be applied to your business cards, flyers, brochures etc. You want your logo to be clear and easy for people to read. 

Alternative/Secondary Logo – maybe this is in a horizontal layout or a simplified version – it could  be used for your website perhaps as it may serve best in your menu bar keeping it as narrow as possible which gives a sleeker look. It could also be a typographic only version. 

Sub Mark – A simplified often symbolic version, used to further boost brand identity and can be applied when a small image is needed such as profile picture or website favicon (the small symbol in your website tab) 

As professional designers, we know and understand that you will need you logo and branding files to serve you well for years to come and we know that needs to be simple and effective, therefore we will create all the necessary file types suitable for most common applications with every package we deliver.

Again, this is going to reflect the professionalism of your business and set you apart from others. You will shine!


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