Why Use a Professional Photographer?

by | Sep 7, 2019

Do you have a head shot that you use on social media, printed material or your website to promote your business?

If you do, are you using an image that shows you in your best light? It’s ok to have an “I can do” attitude, but don’t fall into that trap with your business. We all see businesses that have taken a selfie, sometimes using their computer. It doesn’t always look professional and can definitely send the wrong message. Is it doing you or your business justice?

You can have a few different types of shots taken. A headshot is a must, and then you may decide to have some images taken showing you at work, in front of your vehicle, at your desk etc. This way whenever you are creating marketing material, you don’t have to think about it and have the perfect image for each use.

Professional images allow you to show your personality and connect with your audience. A professional photographer will have the expertise to draw you out so you are at ease and comfortable. One thing to remember is that your images should align with your brand. 

Being a service based business & the person behind the business, means introducing and showing myself in a professional manner is part of my branding.

In this day of the digital world, people will Google everything. This means that if they Google you, your images will come up. Therefore you want these to be as professional as possible to make an impact and inspire a connection.

Another reason to use a professional photographer means you not only benefit from their expertise and the right equipment, but also the correct lighting, editing and retouching where needed.

When you are starting out it can seem that out laying money for professional photography is a luxury. Don’t fall into that trap!

There is an old saying “Eye appeal is buy appeal”. Your image and brand sends a message to your customers and clients on what level of professionalism you are operating at. What message are you sending?


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