Do you know exactly what your 2020 looks like?

by | Dec 31, 2019

Do you know what 2020 looks like for you and your business?

I don’t, but that’s ok.

As an entrepreneur, I am ambitious, passionate and hardworking but sometimes I’m scared, I stuff up, I am unsure if I’m on the right path. Because… I am human!

I’m a mum, doing this parenting gig solo, I have an anxiety disorder and I have been through many years of chronic illness so yep, I’m just like you, out there trying to make their dream come true with all those challenges, trying to make things sparkle and shine. Trying to avoid too much mess, trying, failing, trying again… but these challenges have made me stronger, helped me look at things differently and appreciate things more.

2019 was tough….

Some days were more difficult and seemed like the world was against me.

But one thing I have learned this year is that there are actually some amazing people who genuinely have the best intentions and will walk with you through the shit storm and stand with you when you feel alone. These are ‘your people’. And I feel so empowered because of them.

The point being, I realised I wasn’t alone.

Also I’ve learned to take a step back, when challenges seem too overwhelming, some things just aren’t worth your stress and sometimes saying ‘no’ to one thing is a doorway to something better.

In 2019 I helped 30 entrepreneurs and small businesses (#soproud) achieve their visual branding goals. I worked with amazing women and men with skills and talents I admire (and envy).

I saw dreams come to life in front of my eyes.

To get to play a part in another person’s business and be able to help them achieve their dreams is the most amazing feeling and is the reason I do what I do.

Your passion drives mine, and I’m so grateful to be a part of your journeys.

So with lessons learned, and a strong sense of 40 year old human Brooke, I look forward to … well… learning more, trusting more and being true to myself more and continuing to help and support others the best way I know how to, through great design.

Maybe that doesn’t paint a super clear picture of knowing exactly what 2020 looks like for me and my business, it does mean I’m open to trusting the process of being a human in business, making mistakes, learning and getting things done and leaning on ‘my people’ my when I need them.

So…. my hope for you is that you find your people, if you haven’t already…maybe that’s me? #iamyourpeople 😉 and lean on them when you need but also don’t forget you are human and that is being imperfect, flawed and vulnerable and being ok with that.

I hope your 2020 is exactly what you’ve dreamed but maybe don’t have a clear picture of yet…. and that’s totally ok.

Brooke x

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